NICSA 2019 Strategic Leadership Forum

NICSA 2019 SLF headlines distribution, tech trends, and diversity


Washington, D.C. – April 3, 2019—NICSA announces the launch of its 2019 Strategic Leadership Forum, where over 300 executives from across the global asset management spectrum—including investment management firms, broker dealers, and professional service providers—will converge in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida to share their insights on evolving business models within the financial industry.

Among the conference’s headline programs are expert panels on evolving distribution models, artificial intelligence, and Diversity & Inclusion. The interactive breakout sessions will feature data management and analytics, product trends, and fraud prevention, among other topics. The full agenda, including an overview of featured expert speakers, can be found at
The conference will feature keynote presentations by Carla Harris, Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley as well as Amy Herman, President of The Art of Perception. NICSA’s annual Face the Membership Roundtable, moderated by CNBC's Tyler Mathisen will feature C-Suite executives from BNY Mellon Investment Management, Hennion & Walsh, Inc., and MFS Investment Management.

NICSA’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dan Houlihan, will open the event. Dan Houlihan is Executive Vice President and Head of Asset Servicing for the Americas at Northern Trust Company.
Lisa Hill, Vice Chairman of NICSA and Managing Director at Blackrock said, “The Strategic Leadership Forum is a content-rich event attended by some of the industry’s top talent. We hope that the event’s programs will showcase their diverse perspectives and lend to the industry’s strategic business planning in 2019 and beyond.”
Jim Fitzpatrick, President of NICSA, added: “NICSA offers great value to its members through interactive forums like the ones being delivered at this year’s SLF. Industry collaboration and idea sharing provides great building blocks for innovation and leadership within the asset management industry.”

At the conclusion of the Strategic Leadership Forum, NICSA will host the 2019 Blackwell Scholarship Charity Golf Tournament in support of the NICSA William T. Blackwell Scholarship Program, which recognizes outstanding students of the NICSA family with financial and social support for postsecondary education.


key highlights from the conference 

Keynote Carla Harris Sides

 Carla Harris is the Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley. Carla shared her unique perspective on multicultural innovation, the challenges facing today’s asset managers, and provided advice to younger members of the industry. READ FULL STORY

Perspectives from Abroad 

Industry experts from the across the globe took the NICSA stage for a dynamic discussion on matters affecting international fund markets. International business leaders explored the current state of the asset management industry and provided insights into fund passporting, regulatory developments, and other global industry trends.  READ FULL STORY | VIEW PRESENTATION

Distribution Disruption — From Both Sides

 “Broker-dealers and asset managers joined together to outline their unique perspectives on distribution during a General Session at NICSA’s recent 2019 Strategic Leadership Forum. The two panels, moderated by experts at Legg Mason and Merrill Lynch, focused on product innovation and platform enhancements, as well as scale, flexibility, and customization for advisors, home offices, and clients…” READ FULL STORY


AI: Transforming the Asset Management Industry

 “In 2016, scientists at SONY CSL Research Lab released “Daddy’s Car,” the first full song composed by artificial intelligence. The company’s AI software, called Flow Machines, created the song using machine learning.... 'Daddy’s Car' underscores how rapid advances in computing power are enabling all new applications of technologies across many industries — including asset management.” READ FULL STORY | VIEW PRESENTATION

Is the Asset Management Industry "Data Driven" Yet?

Everyone is talking about being “data driven,” and your organization is no different. Are different approaches realizing different results? Find out where your organization falls on the continuum. READ FULL STORY | VIEW PRESENTATION

The Principles of Product

Product and distribution executives discussed development opportunities and hurdles, distribution challenges and solutions, and the implications of the current legislative environment. Find out what product trends have traction in 2019 and how investment managers and distributors are working together to support these trends. VIEW PRESENTATION


Fraud Prevention in Today's Multi-Channel Cyber Environment 

Financial fraud is an ever-increasing threat in today’s multi-channel servicing environment. Fraudsters are using multiple channels to execute account takeovers, steal identities, and secure funds illegally. Learn how technologies like voice bio-metrics, multi-factor authentication, and risk profiling can help prevent fraud. VIEW PRESENTATION


The Great Wealth Transfer: The Future of Advice

 “As we teeter on the precipice of one of the greatest wealth transfers in history — in which U.S. baby boomers are expected to pass down a collective $68 trillion to Generation X and Millennials — asset managers must plan for the future of an aging client set...” READ FULL STORY | VIEW PRESENTATION


Uncovering Unconscious Bias

 Like it or not, everyone makes unconscious snap judgments — often based on something as simple as a name on a resume. As Diversity & Inclusion comes under a spotlight in the asset management industry, it is more important than ever for employers to evolve to include a more diverse talent pool. Understanding the pervasiveness of implicit bias in today’s workforce in an important step in that evolution. READ FULL STORY | VIEW PRESENTATION

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