NICSA Announces Updated Membership Fee Structure

Wellesley, MA - May 10, 2004 - The NICSA Board of Directors have approved a modification in NICSA’s membership fee structure. NICSA membership fees have remained unchanged for the past ten years. During that decade consumer prices increased 27% and industry assets grew 252% from $2.1 trillion to $7.4 trillion.  In that same time, although NICSA has made every effort to control expenses, the costs to NICSA of providing quality services to its membership have increased significantly

In order to ensure that NICSA is able to continue to provide its members with the best possible service in carrying out its missions of education, training and networking, NICSA will implement a modest increase in membership fees.  This adjustment will become effective as of the members next annual membership renewal date.

While our membership fees have not increased over the past ten years, the services we provide our members have grown substantially. Here are a few examples of NICSA initiatives during that time period:

  • Expanded Educational & Networking Opportunities Regionally
  • Broadened NICSA’s International Presence
  • Introduced "Hot Topics" Information Exchange Forum
  • Developed an Online Membership Directory and Comprehensive Website
  • Founded the NICSA/William T. Blackwell Scholarship Fund
  • Provided Distribution of Informative Text, A Purely American Invention
  • Collaborated to Offer an Annual Shareholder Satisfaction Survey
  • Sponsored the Transfer Agent Compliance Reference Guide & Checklist
  • Established the NICSA Online Learning Center
  • Initiated the Accelerated Program in Financial Services
  • Created new Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities to Enhance Member Exposure

NICSA has been both innovative and active in providing services to its membership. In order to maintain the organization’s ability to continue to carry out this role, there will be an increase in the base Corporate Location Membership fee of $250 per year. Additionally, a completely new National Corporate Membership option will be offered, allowing all employees of a corporate entity nationwide to be eligible for valuable NICSA benefits. This is an enhanced membership level for the  many geographically distributed member firms to consider. Also newly introduced is the Global Leader Membership for the most dedicated of NICSA supporters.

Updated NICSA Membership Fee Structure

Primary Corporate Location Membership


NICSA membership for All Employees of a Corporate Entity that work within a Specific Metropolitan Area. (currently $1,000)
Additional Location Membership


Incremental membership to cover One Additional Metropolitan Area. (currently $750)
National Corporate Membership


NICSA membership for All Employees of a Corporate Entity and its Wholly Owned Subsidiaries Nationwide.
NICSA Global Leader Membership


For leading entities that wish to support NICSA in fulfillment of its mission, membership for All Employees of an Enterprise, including ALL its Affiliates Worldwide. NICSA Global Leader member firms will receive priority access and placement for Exhibitor and Sponsorship opportunities at NICSA events.
International Corporate Location Membership


NICSA membership for All Employees of a Corporate Entity that work within a Specific Country outside of North America.  (No change in current dues.)