NICSA’S COMMITTEES ARE AT THE HEART OF OUR MISSION:  to develop, share, and advance leading practices among global investment management industry participants.  Our thought leadership programs are driven largely by members for members. Essential to this process is active participation in, and contribution to, our many committees.

Committees are self-governed with agency oversight to ensure that all activity is in support of NICSA’s mission and goals. That said, all committee work and contributions are at the discretion of committee chairs and members.

For more information about committee service, or to volunteer to serve on a NICSA Committee, please contact Jordan DeBettencourt: jdebettencourt



General Membership Committee

Strategic Leadership Forum Committee

East Coast Regional Meeting Committee

Midwest Regional Meeting Committee

Westcoast Regional Meeting Committee



Compliance and Risk Management Committee

Content Committee

Distribution Committee

Membership Committee

NOVA Awards Committee

Retirement Committee

Technology and Innovation Committee

Transfer Agent Committee

UIT Committee

Webinar Advisory Committee



The following sub-committees are open only to members of the Board of Directors. Board sub-committee members facilitate decision-making by completing necessary research of ideas and to make recommendations to the Board as a whole. 


Executive Committee

Audit Committee

Finance Committee

Nominating Committee 


Additional NICSA Committee Information and Resources

2016-2017 NICSA Committee MVP Awards

2015 NICSA Committee MVP Awards

NICSA Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

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