NICSA Joins Coalition for National Retirement Planning Week


With 79 Million Boomers on the Brink of Retirement, Comprehensive Financial Planning is Critical

NICSA Joins Education, Advocacy and Industry Leaders in Sponsoring National Retirement Planning Week®


April 2, 2011, Boston, MA — Reports show that this year the first of 79 million Baby Boomers will turn 65, and that 4 million boomers will turn 60 each year for the next 18 years. For many, this milestone will present a much-needed opportunity to reassess their level of retirement preparedness. Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) research shows that nearly seven out of 10 Boomers within five years of retirement, and nearly eight out of 10 of Boomers outside of that window, stated that they are concerned about having adequate income during retirement.


 Increase your retirement savings knowledge with the following resources:


Retirement Saving by Default
Theresa Hamacher, CFA


How to Retire in Style
Presentation from NICSA Annual Conference 2011
Courtesy of the NICSA Retirement Community


Improving After Tax Returns, Retirement Income, and Bequests Through Tax-Smart Household Management
Courtesy of LifeYield, Ernst & Young and the NICSA Retirement Committee


Deloitte Annual 401(k) Benchmarking Survery
Courtesy of Deloitte & Touche and the NICSA Retirement Committee


The Deficiencies of Target Date Funds
Bob Pozen
March 6, 2011


The Fund Industry: How Your Money is Managed
Authored by Robert Pozen,  Chairman Emeritus of MFS Investment Management and a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School and Theresa Hamacher, President of NICSA and a former mutual fund chief investment officer, is the definitive guide to the worldwide fund industry.  
The Fund Industry gives you an inside look at how mutual funds work - how they invest money, distribute their shares to the public, and provide service to fund shareholders - and why they have become the investment vehicle of choice for investors around the world.   As Don Phillips, Managing Director of Morningstar, Inc., says in his Foreword, “There’s no other book that gives readers such a thorough overview of how the fund industry operates, its evolution, its regulation, and what makes it tick.”
The Fund Industry is available for purchase from NICSA at a significant discount. Click here to for more information.


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