In todayís competitive economic environment, members turn to NICSA for the support they need to stay informed and connected throughout the global investment management industry.

Discover how a NICSA membership can give your associates the opportunity to learn, network and share best practices locally, nationally and globally.


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Membership in NICSA is at the corporate level and is good for one year from the join date. All associates of the member firm, as well as divisions and subsidiaries, are eligible to participate in NICSA as members.

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Your firmís membership level in NICSA is determined by the size of your company (based on the organizations size figure listed on your firmís LinkedIn company page):


Number of Employees
 Annual Investment
Sole Proprietor
 1-10 $1,550
 11-200 $2,600
 201-10,000 $5,900
Diversified Firm*
 10,001+ $9,300
 n/a $1,550

*Diversified firms with 10,000+ employees may request the Standard dues rate if only one division of the company is eligible for membership (subject to approval)
**International member benefits only available to associates outside the US


Additionally, NICSA also has a number of optional discounted member benefit packages available to help your firm save money and make the most of your NICSA membership.



The NICSA Network

As a member of NICSA, youíll have access to a network of more than 10,000 business professionals representing some of the top firms in the industry including the top 10 fund accountants, custodian and transfer agents, as well as the big 4 audit firms. Together, NICSA member organizations manage over $10 trillion in mutual fund assets, representing over 85% of the total at the end of January 2012.

Current members include:


Asset managers
Audit firmsBroker-dealers
Consulting firms
Fund accountants
Technology providers
Transfer agents

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