Guidelines for Content Submissions

General guidelines

NICSA welcomes submissions for:


  • Content curation in NICSA’s social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Inclusion in the NICSA News Monthly email
  • Archiving in the NICSA Knowledge Center
  • Posting in the NICSA News blog

Content must be primarily educational or editorial in nature. Promotion of specific products or services must be only incidental.


Example of content that would be accepted: A technology consulting firm authors a white paper that discusses the challenges of managing big data. This white paper has a page at the end describing the firm’s capabilities in this area and providing contact information.


Example of content that would be rejected: A software firm distributes a brochure about its “Big Data Management Software.” The brochure contains useful information on data management strategies but is principally designed to promote its product.


Content must be available to all NICSA members without charge. Registration may be required, though this should be noted when content is submitted. Excerpts from larger reports that are provided for a fee must be substantive in their own right.


NICSA will give preference to member content. NICSA has limited space in its online forums. It will generally use non-member content only when member content on a topic is not available. NICSA may reserve space in its online forums for its partners’ content.


Our forums focus on specific topics. See the next section for details on the topics we cover.


NICSA focuses on topics related to the business of investing. Our published content normally falls in one of the following categories:


  • Distribution and Marketing: Product types and related trends and regulation; fee trends and regulation; long-term trends in assets and other measures of success at a firm level; social media; consumer behavioral trends. Please note that we generally do NOT cover sales of investment products, the provision of financial advice or topics targeted at financial advisers (see below.)
  • Global Fund Industry: Trends in asset management outside the United States; non-U.S. regulation. We emphasize material related to UCITS funds and European regulation (including AIFMD.)
  • Governance: How boards oversee corporate activity, with emphasis on mutual fund boards.
  • Operations: Includes anti money laundering/know your customer, business continuity/disaster recovery, customer service, escheatment, human resources, omnibus accounts/intermediary oversight, privacy and identity protection, proxy voting.
  • Portfolio Recordkeeping: Includes custody, fair valuation, IFRS, fund accounting, middle office/investment operations, service organization reporting, settlement.
  • Professional Development
  • Regulation and Compliance: In addition to analysis of specific laws and regulations, includes ethics, risk management, whistleblowers. Includes tax issues.
  • Retirement: Includes annuities, behavioral finance, operations, regulation and target date funds. Also includes discussions of non-U.S. retirement savings systems.
  • Technology: Focus on business/corporate applications. Includes cloud computing, cybersecurity and mobile devices.


We occasionally cover the following topics as noteworthy material becomes available:


  • Discussions of general legal and regulatory issues
  • Marketing and advertising outside the investment industry
  • Personal finance issues which may be particularly relevant to our members
  • Lighter or humorous pieces, especially if related to one of our core topics


NICSA generally does NOT cover the following topics:


  • Investing (market commentary, securities selection, etc.)
  • Provision of financial planning or investment advice to individuals (i.e., topics relevant to RIAs or FAs)
  • Sales of investment products (wholesaling, key accounts, institutional sales, etc.)


Content submissions may be in the following formats:


Links to materials available online. We prefer that links go directly to documents without landing on another page first. For videos and slide presentations, we prefer materials that can be embedded.


For the Knowledge Center: Submissions to the Knowledge Center should be more substantive publications, generally available in pdf format. We do not include blog posts in the Knowledge Center. In addition to links, we also accept pdf documents accompanied by a copyright release form. Contact the NICSA office if you require a copyright release form.


For the NICSA News blog: Posts should be between 400 and 700 words which may be an excerpt from a longer work. Posts may be accompanied by an image or images. NICSA may edit posts for content, length or format or to conform to our style guide. Any substantive edits will be submitted to the author for review before publication.

Publication process, schedule and deadlines

Daily: All content that is accepted for publication in our online forums (except blog posts) are first posted to our Twitter feed.


Weekly: We publish in our LinkedIn group weekly, on Wednesdays, and in Facebook, other LinkedIn forums and Google+ once or twice during the week as appropriate content becomes available. Content must be have been previously screened and published in our Twitter feed to be included in these forums. Please note that there are special guidelines for initiating discussions in the NICSA LinkedIn group. These are posted under the “Group Rules.”


Monthly: NICSA News Monthly publishes on the first Tuesday of the month. Submissions must have been screened and published in our Twitter feed by the preceding Wednesday to be considered for inclusion in that issue.


For the NICSA News blog: The NICSA News blog publishes from 1 to 3 times weekly. Anyone interested in submitting a blog post should contact the office to discuss a possible publication date.

Selection criteria

While NICSA hopes to accommodate a large number of content submissions, NICSA has limited space in its online forums.


NICSA will give priority to member submissions. In addition, NICSA may reserve space for partner submissions.


When selecting materials to publish in its online forums, NICSA will consider the following criteria:


  • Completeness. The material provides a comprehensive overview of the topic covered.
  • Accessibility. The material is clearly written in plain English, is formatted in a way that makes it easy to read, and uses graphic elements effectively. We prefer materials that don’t require registration to access.
  • Uniqueness. The material is the only source (or one of only a few sources) of information on a topic or expresses an unusual point of view.


When materials are presented in several formats (white paper, blog post, video, etc.), we will generally choose one format for posting. NICSA will also seek to present materials from a variety of sources and in a variety of formats.


All decisions with regard to content submissions are final.

Content submission

To submit content, send an email with link information or attachment to Be sure to include your contact information.

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