The 2015 NICSA / NOVA Awards submission period is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted a nominee; winners will be notified by September 22, 2015.

The NICSA/NOVA Awards recognize outstanding service, creative, effective and operationally efficient efforts by fund companies, and individuals, who strive to serve clients, build business and improve overall service experiences.

All entries are submitted to an independent panel of industry experts facilitated by NICSA. Each candidate(s) will go through an evaluation process to determine the winners. The awards will be presented at the NICSA 2015 General Membership Meeting on October 29 - 30, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Boston.

NOVA Creativity in Marketing Operations Award (Recognizing a Team, Division or Company)
  • Demonstrates creativity in reaching and interacting with existing or potential customers through traditional (print, radio, television) or new media (websites, social networks, new forms of electronic communications)
  • Demonstrates direct, positive impact on sales, profit margins and/or performance
  • Record of driving revenues, streamlining productivity and/or boosting investment product performance
  • Creativity in setting organization apart from how it may have operated in the past, and in competitively differentiating itself

NOVA Innovation in Back Office Efficiencies Award (Recognizing a Team, Division or Company)
  • Demonstrates efficient use of technology, back-office personnel and/or third party providers in streamlining or restructuring to improve firm's bottom line, products or service
  • Nomination to be supported with quantitative data illustrating how effort positively impacted economies of scale, profit margins and/or operations performance

NOVA Innovation in Customer Experience Award (Recognizing an Individual, Team, Division or Company)
  • Exhibits innovative use of technology to improve relationship with sales intermediaries or end shareholders
  • Recognizes and acts on opportunities swiftly, making good use of existing staff and technology
  • Attains executive, shareholders or trustees' "buy in" to new operational investments, with a tangible payoff
  • Generates viable new business, service or product ideas; positively impacts the customer experience
  • Consistently delivers quality products and/or value-added services, as measured by the customer
  • Demonstrates a deep understanding of industry trends, new products and internal/external customer needs
  • Demonstrates creative and effective problem-solving in the face of market, regulatory or customer challenges
  • Nomination to be supported with quantitative data on direct, positive impact on the customer experience

NOVA Visionary Leadership Award (Recognizing an Asset Management Executive)
  • Demonstrates visionary leadership; brings value to organization, clients and the industry as a recognized agent of definitive, positive change
  • Possesses exceptional industry knowledge and business acumen, with a well-established reputation for strong leadership, intelligence, determination and sound decision-making
  • Sets high standards of excellence, builds high-performance teams and inspires the desire in others to excel
  • Champions customers' and investors' investment goals
  • Nomination should quantify how individual has driven revenues, boosted investment product performance, streamlined operations and/or improved profit margins

Outstanding Service to the Fund Industry Award - Robert L. Gould Award (Recognizing an Operations Executive)
  • A record of significant contributions to the financial services industry through the development of systems, methods and procedures to better serve shareholders
  • A Senior-level Operations executive (or recent retiree) with a track record of contribution to the mutual fund industry (particularly in the area of Operations)
  • Long track record of active participation and support of NICSA

Fund Industry Lifetime Achievement Award
  • A long track record of active participation through NICSA Committee/Board service or in support of NICSA initiatives
  • Multiple contributions to NICSA that would be considered to have significance and a lasting positive impact on NICSA and the fund industry. Examples might include:
    • Thought-leader on topics of interest to NICSA members both in and outside the NICSA community
    • Long-term participation and leadership within NICSA
  • An individual whose organization is a member in good standing of NICSA
  • Sitting NICSA board members and committee co-chairs are NOT eligible.