Keynote Speakers Announced for the 2015 NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum

Contact:  Alyssa Gagen
Director of Social Media and Marketing, NICSA


McLean, VA, December 11, 2014—NICSA announced the keynote speakers for the 2015 NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum (33rd Annual Conference), to be held in Hollywood, FL, February 8-10, 2015. This year’s conference will showcase ideas, best practices and strategies to help operations executives drive success in today’s complex business environment.

“Today’s operations environment is tightly interconnected, leaving operations executives needing a broad view to improve results in their area of responsibility,” says Theresa Hamacher, President, NICSA. “This year’s conference brings these individuals together to develop, share and advance leading practices.”

To coincide with this year’s theme, the keynote speakers for the 2015 NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum include:

  • Former SEC chairman Mary L. Schapiro will provide an inside look at why regulatory measures and enforcement are critical to the future health of the U.S. and global economy. She will engage in a conversation with Michael Downer, Senior Vice President, Secretary and Chief Legal Officer of Capital Research and Management Company, about trends in the fund industry, past and future.
  • James K. Glassman, Former Ambassador and Expert on Finance, is recognized as an expert in the fields of economics, finance, technology and international affairs. His keynote presentation will discuss the multi-discipline perspective on the complex financial matters that weigh most on the minds of American business leaders.
  • Team leader and operator with the Naval Special Warfare Developmental Group (SEAL Team Six), Robert O’Neill will take attendees through some of his incredible stories while drawing comparisons between his elite military training and how they translate into the professional business environment.

The 2015 NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum will also feature more than a dozen sponsored breakout sessions, expert speakers and networking opportunities to advance attendees outreach within the global investment management industry.

To learn more about this year’s event or to register, visit the conference website at:

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