Replica BELL & ROSS Vintage Garde Cotes

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BELL ROSS replica

Although it is known as a square watch, fake BELL & ROSS was the first to give priority to round watches, and also cooperated with professional military units to make the official watches. This year's Vintage Grade-Cotes Marine lifeguard chronometer BR v2-94 is a tribute to the lifeguard at the sea, and the brand is so strong that it can be seen.

In the early stage, because of the problem of material technology, the watch glass should be made thicker and safer, and often protruding from the watch ring. Sapphire crystal hardness is higher now, the thickness can be alleviated, but such a configuration always brings the ancient temperament to the wrist watch, still have many brands to adopt.

In the past few years, the BELL & ROSS replica of the square watch can have a lot of room to change, and the brand immediately issued a new round watch. Say dozen face also not so, after all a wristwatch launch, the brand long-term plan. Not long ago, when Fabien DE Nonancourt, the brand's general manager, was visiting the new br03-92 diving watch this year, it was revealed that there would soon be a watch that was related to the maritime rescue unit. At the time, I thought it would be a variation of the 03-92 diving watch, but Vintage gar-cotes was a round watch rather than a square watch. Watch model size and brand early cooperation with SINN task-oriented watch s have different concept, style of pragmatic and hard, eyes timing, plus the bulge on watch circle arc sapphirine crystal watch mirror of some ancient. To be honest, I think so.

It's a lifeguard, but not a lifeguard like a beach ranger, but a more stringent coast guard helicopter flight and diver. The French gar-cotes is the French national Marine gendarmerie, which dates back to the 13th century to combat coastal piracy and has a team of archers. Such units shouldered not only the rescue, but also the task of police preparation and exorcition. Replica BELL & ROSS, for their inspiration, will use their grey, orange and white colors for their watches. The grey metal plates symbolise the helicopter and ship camouflage that they use, and the orange timing pointer and the dial ring come from the uniform of their executive mission. Not only with color, bright orange not only on land, in the midst of the sea is also very conspicuous, and a pointer on white luminous paint, on the dark side dish with high contrast contrast, all this is to watch has better interpretation.

With a transparent cover, the brand's distinctive line of watches can't be engraved on the bottom. The best replica BELL & ROSS is embossed with the embossed anchor and gar-cotes, emphasizing the significance of the design of the watch. It's also the first time a brand has been used on a wristwatch.

BELL & ROSS's works, especially the square watch USES mostly solid back cover, emphasis on watch value lies in the fact wear rather than enjoying, as well as practical considerations, but the round watches as the design localization, transparent bottom cover or solid bottom cover. The v2-94 is not only transparent. For the first time, the ship's anchor signs and the type-cotes are stamped on the bottom. In addition to a direct link between the coast guard and the coast guard, the practice has also brought some interesting design to the watch style, and it's also a secret of the brand's openness to trying out new designs.

Since it is designed by the coast guard, rigid design is also taken for granted. In the harsh environment and task, BR replica up to join the watch crown shoulder for watches, collision, avoid wearing sports that may be encountered with also join the security mechanism, for timing according to need to spin out before operation timing function, to avoid touch the start/stop by mistake. Black anodizing aluminum watch ring with pulse gauge. The pulse meter, developed for war, is mainly used by medical personnel to reduce the time of pulse measurement. When used, simply start the timer and measure the pulse to 30. By stopping time, you can calculate the heartbeat count by the chronograph second hand without waiting for a minute. Fake BELL & ROSS added this feature specifically to emphasize the spirit of the watch.

The watch circle joins the pulse meter to further link to the sea rescue unit to greet the original intention. Stainless steel rotating watch ring with aluminum sheet ring. Although it may be possible because of the hardness problem, due to the high malleability of aluminum, at least there will not be a fracture crisis.

The inside of the BR 301 automatic chain core, is the BELL ROSS replica for the timing of the main machine core, is ETA 2894-2 added the timing module. The basic core structure is stable and reliable. Ball bearing automatic disc, high chain efficiency. Modular structure makes it more convenient to disassemble and repair. Like most general motors, this one has a wide range of applications, from entry to higher order brands, to see how each family has evolved.