Good window display combination replica PATEK PHILIPPE Ref.5396R Annual Calendar

It is the first time that PATEK PHILIPPE replica has directed the function of Millenary. In 2016, the new model of the new replica Millenary watch was red.5396 with the new style of breguet digital.

PHILIPPE PATEK PHILIPPE's former President, Mr Stern, Philip stearns in the early 1990 s, require developers to launch a between Millenary paragraphs with the calendar watch between Millenary watch, that is to say, it will automatically identify 31 watches model with 30 differences in the size of the month, just after the end of February, March 1, adjust the date only can, watch of price and quantity parts can also be reduced at the same time.

PATEK PHILIPPE launched in 2004, the window shows the Ref. 5135 after the Millenary watch, also in 2006, Ref. 5396, adopt the design in the wrist watch but weeks or months below the window is concentrated in the 12 o 'clock position, the overall configuration of relatively classical watch model.

So in 1991, PATEK PHILIPPE replica teamed up with the geneva-based university of technology to reduce the number of parts and reduce the cost of processing, through a student called Cedric, using a full gear combination. So in 1994, the watch began testing, production and assembly, and in 1996, the Basel show, unveiled its first Millenary watch of wrist of Ref. 5035, the year the manufacturer is published with functions of the moon and power reserve display of Ref. 5036 watches. After 10 years of separation, the discontinued review.5035 and Ref.5036 were replaced by the review.5146, which was introduced in 2005, to replace the original position of the wristwatches. In the meantime, Ref.5146 is based on the upgraded version of 324 automatic machine core, and the operation of the watch is more stable.

Since Millenary watch is a key entry level complex watch model of fake PATEK PHILIPPE, the company has been rolling out multiple Millenary replica watches. Which launched in 2006, Ref. 2006 millenary watch money, besides using retro blue track time scale, pointer originally weeks or months, also to the circular disc watch dial structure, and at twelve o 'clock position below to double and window shows, omit the power storage at the same time, so watch watch dial is more concise.

In 2010, the manufacturer introduced the reversion Ref. 5396, which according to the Ref.3448 Millenary calendar in the 1980s, with a three-dimensional sword shaped time scale, and a riveted minute scale, also has the elegant design style of the watch. After the brand was introduced in 2016, the target Ref. 5396, in addition to the third revision of the watch, was also the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Millenary replica watch. The size of the watch is maintained at 38.5 mm, and there are four hidden buttons on the left and right sides, which can be adjusted respectively for the week, date, month and month.

Although the watch itself is not too much change, and movement is the continuation of the original 324 S QA LU 24 h movement, it is changed by the 315 S by QA, adopted new Gyromax ® balance wheel, at the same time the frequency of vibration by 21600 turn up to 28800 revolutions per hour per hour, and launch Spiromax ® silicon hair, can provide more stable operation efficiency and antimagnetic effectiveness; The machine core conforms to the PP marking standard introduced by the factory in 2009, and the daily error is not exceeding 3/+2 seconds.