Classical style replica A.LANGE SOHNE 1815 Annual Calendar

For the first time since the advent of replica watches, it is still only 21 years old, so it is mostly automatic. This year, however, A.LANGE SOHNE replica is introducing a rare manual version of the 1815 Annual Calendar, which is also the second edition of A.LANGE & SOHNE. In 2010, fake A.LANGE SOHNE launched the brand's first Calendar, the Saxonia Annual Calendar, which has a famous large date window and a special eccentricity automatic watch disc. The appearance of the watch is very similar to that of the series, except that there are many extra years and 24 hours of instructions on the surface of the hand.

But in 2017, a. ANGE SOHNE replica is published in the second paragraph Calendar watch of wrist of 1815 Annual Calendar, because the watch belong to 1815 series, so the characteristics of the surface plate is not 1815 series, so the design of the watch model to the classical style, with Saxonia Annual Calendar watch has a distinct style. However, the watch funds still have the exact same function, which is to show the date, week, month, month and other information, and automatically identify big, small month; In February and the manufacturer will default to 30, longer than originally in February, so only on March 1, will watch manual adjustments to the date of 1, can ensure that the right time in the future information.

The factory will set the date pointer at nine o 'clock and use coaxial structure with the pointer of the week, which is easy to read although there is no clear history of the big day. The position of the three o 'clock position pointer, through the design of the enlarged face plate, with the 9 o 'clock position of the date, the week plate to achieve the excellent visual school fruit. In addition, the six o 'clock position is the monthly profit and loss and the small second hand disk, in which the lunar phase structure will continue to operate for 122.6 years, resulting in the error of the day.

In addition, if the wristwatch has been out of operation for a while, press the two o 'clock position at the same time, but it is convenient to adjust the time of all the dates and phases. In the meantime, there are three hidden buttons on the watch, which can be independently adjusted for the week, month and month. In addition, a.lange & SOHNE added another hidden button to the calendar watch, which was designed for the calendar.

Wrist watches can carry the L051.3 manual movement on the chain, is a. replica a lange sohne watches the latest generation of hand chain model, add 1.4 mm thick calendar module, the overall thickness is only 5.7 mm, while the thickness of the wrist watch case is only 10.1 mm, almost comparable to the size of three stitches wrist watch thick, matching up completely feel complicated watch of wrist of common sense, is very comfortable; Adopt the transparent base design, more can see magnificent machine core sanding processing.

This machine core though article adopts single box design, but the manufacturer will increase power storage time 72 hours, far more than the previous 1815 series L051.1 used by hand chain machine more than 55 hours, frequency of vibration is also 21600 revolutions per hour, and a gooseneck fine-tuning, the balance wheel and screw without the German silver electroplating processing plywood, has the brand consistent design style and the ground level.