The Business Benefits of DEI Transparency

By Nicsa posted 07-29-2021 04:53 PM


Diversity Project North America members gathered during a recent “Next Practices” Committee meeting to discuss a pressing theme in the global asset management industry: DEI data transparency.


Two DPNA founding members proudly presented their firm’s recent DEI transparency initiatives. We share these resources as examples of bold leadership in this evolving area:


Capital Group’s Update on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 2020


Fidelity’s Diversity & Inclusion Report

Capital Group spoke about the clear impact on associate engagement with the increased transparency and positive impact on customer relations.


Fidelity discussed how transparency can help with employee retention, with staff across the global firm expressing an authentic level of excitement and relief. 


Both initiatives:

  • Showcase an interactive user experience;
  • Highlight sponsorship “from the top;”
  • Provide a clear method of measuring progress; and
  • Demonstrate accountability.


Most importantly, these efforts are important steps toward building trust in the global asset management industry. Trust that is essential for building relationships with employees, clients, and investors alike.


“Next practices” are forward looking ideas meant to spark important dialogue about business results and sustainability. They are bold business programs that are moving the needle on D&I in the global asset management industry with measurable results.” For more content from Diversity Project North America, click here.