Three Things Working Moms Want

By Nicsa Admin posted 10-31-2022 02:31 PM


“Never overlook the power of moms,” Chandra Sanders, VP of RISE at The Mom Project, said during a lightning session at Nicsa’s recent Fearless Leadership Symposium. “Why? Because moms are a force. A workforce.”


At The Mom Project, Sanders works to create economic opportunity for mothers and women of color by helping them live their most authentic lives while maximizing their power, influence, and earning potential.


Sanders said women who are moms bring a unique skill set to the workplace — one that should be recognized and sought after by hiring managers everywhere. “Moms act as the C-suite of their entire family,” she said. “They’re the CEOs, the CFOs, or whatever they need to be in the moment.”


According to WerkLabs, the research and insights division of The Mom Project, having moms in the workplace leads to 40% greater retention, 14% higher productivity, and a more positive work experience and environment for all.


The Three Things Moms Want


WerkLabs’ recent research report, “Talent Trends in 2022,” revealed that working moms primarily seek three benefits:


  • Flexibility. Becoming a mom turns a woman’s life upside down. Don’t ask them to choose between their families and careers in the process.


“Allowing a mom to opt into a less demanding role or reduce hours for a short time makes all the difference in the world,” Sanders said. “It allows her to feel valuable. It also allows her to continue adding impact and value to your organization.”


  • Career Development. Gone are the days when women had one job — motherhood — for 30 years.


“These days, moms want to continue to grow,” Sanders said. “They want their children to continue to see them grow. “Leaders need to have intentional, authentic conversations with their employees about career development. Learning about your employees’ needs, dreams, and aspirations is extremely important.”


Sanders also stressed the importance of upskilling and rescaling. “Allow moms to learn at their own pace,” she said. “This gives them an opportunity to gain skills such as data analytics, UX design, and project management — all skills that will keep them again relevant and competitive in the future.”


  • Diversity & Inclusion. Finally, moms want to see diversity and inclusion in action. “When they show up for work, do they see other moms? Do they see other women? Do they see other women of color?” she questioned. “Show them that your company is committed to diversity and inclusion and help them feel like they actually belong. That is extremely important.”


“We move forward when we move together,” Sanders said. For more information, visit


For a full replay of this session, employees of registered firms can visit Nicsa’s 2022 Fearless Leadership Symposium website.


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