What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail? Find out at Nicsa’s SLF.

By Nicsa Admin posted 02-01-2023 09:54 AM


Chasing Failure is all about having a vision for a goal and knowing that the road will be paved with failure, but still proceeding with conviction and passion. This is what sets apart those who succeed beyond measure.

When was the last time you said yes to an opportunity that you knew might fail? This is the question that leadership expert Ryan Leak is asking Fortune 500 executives, NBA all-stars, and on March 1 in Fort Lauderdale: the Nicsa membership.

Join us at Nicsa’s Strategic Leadership Forum, where Ryan will share the blueprint for Chasing Failure.

Ryan Leak is an Author, Speaker, Executive Coach, and Filmmaker. He has been hired by Fortune 500 companies and professional sports franchises to work internally with specialized teams, add value for leaders and their customers, and create new initiatives for the business to better connect with the broader world. Ryan trains 15,000+ entrepreneurial leaders and speaks to over 200,000 people each year as a curator of relevant content and transformational storytelling.

The Strategic Leadership Forum is an annual keystone event from Nicsa where asset managers, wealth managers, broker dealers, and professional service firms come together to address strategic business planning. It is an opportunity for the industry’s senior leaders to network with decision makers across product development, distribution platforms, technology onboarding, governance, and client experience roles in an informal, open forum.

Industry professionals can take advantage of this unique offering by registering for the 2023 Nicsa SLF. The event will feature multiple opportunities to exchange business perspectives with leaders and innovators in our industry. See the full agenda here.