Nicsa Members Learn How to Be Futurists

By Nicsa Admin posted 03-25-2024 10:38 AM


In a live session at the recent Nicsa 2024 Strategic Leadership ForumThink Like a Futurist, participants explored the fascinating world of futurism and how to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technological advances.

Forward-thinking leadership perspectives from Matt Mackay, Executive Director, Platform Sales, Corporate & Investment Bank, J.P. Morgan and Debora Kantt, Strategic Foresight & Future Studies Director, JP Morgan discussed the mindsets that propel businesses forward.

Advice from Nicsa’s future-focused session highlighted that business leaders must embrace the capacity to imagine the unimaginable.

"We prepare for a future that is uncertain by looking at trends and imagining how the external world can be different than the current one."

  • Embrace the "Phygital" Realm: The fusion of physical and digital realms, termed "Phygital," is reshaping our experiences and interactions. As futurists, it's imperative to understand and adapt to this blend, leveraging its potential for innovation and connectivity.

  • Prepare for Disruption: We're amidst what could be the most disruptive decade in history. Futurists must embrace change and proactively identify opportunities amid the upheaval, rather than being caught off guard by it.

  • Anticipate the Unseen: Prepare for a world that doesn't yet exist. By leveraging traditional foresight methodologies and identifying weak signals, we can envision and prepare for future scenarios, ensuring resilience in the face of uncertainty.

AI systems are advancing. Many are being trained to recognize and simulate human emotions, impacting areas like financial services, fraud detection, and decision-making.

"75% of organizations are not prepared for the rate of change within their industries."

Nicsa’s future-focused session served as a stark reminder of the importance of foresight and adaptability and emphasized the need for organizations to innovate rapidly in response to evolving trends and technologies.

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