A Letter to Members from Jim Fitzpatrick, 2024

By Nicsa Admin posted 01-17-2024 01:50 PM


To the Nicsa Community:

Happy 2024! I hope each of you rang in the new year with renewed optimism for the industry we all serve. I am very proud to be part of a community that has made impressive strides in servicing clients, supporting employees, and offering innovative investment solutions.

Likewise, I am exceptionally proud of Nicsa’s role in that progress, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our members for their ongoing support of each other, our industry, and our association during the last twelve months.   


Nicsa has always been about “the people,” and that is clearly where we shine.

We have some exceptional leaders advancing Nicsa’s mission, and they come from a wide array of firms across the industry.

Here’s a quick look back at 2023 through a ‘Who’s Who’ in Nicsa press releases:

Board Electees

Committee Co Chairs (1H) |  Committee Co Chairs (2H)

NOVA Awardees

Volunteers of the Year

Rising Stars

One of this year’s highlights was Jenny Johnson, President & CEO of Franklin Templeton, accepting the 2023 Nicsa Strategic Leadership Award. Jenny had some terrific things to say about the people of Nicsa. I share her enthusiastic support of this community and I encourage you to listen here.


At Nicsa, there’s a committee for everyone! The size and depth of our communities continue to grow.

We have strategically expanded our reach into front office business functions, which now includes Product & Distribution, SMAs & Model Portfolios, and Alternative Investments Committees. We also recently launched an International Committee to support those members with cross border product distribution. And, as the industry embraces holistic financial health, our Retirement Committee has become one of our more active groups and we expect that to continue into 2024.

Here’s a recent blog authored by Nicsa’s Chairman, Scott Brady, that highlights the kind of activity supported by these committees: Product & Distribution Committee Talks with Cerulli

We are actively focused on engaging our Broker Dealer and Wealth Management members in every event and program we host. We strive to have all perspectives represented at the table so that the conversation is inclusive and most helpful to all industry participants.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how Nicsa can support the future of asset and wealth management. Please reach out to me with any ideas you may have on new initiatives.


Nicsa is humbled to have over 500 volunteers working on over 30 committees to bring the very best content and programming to our members.

Here’s a quick look back at our offerings for 2023:

Most Listened-to Podcasts:

Lorna Sabbia, Bank of America

Steve Rueschhoff, Edward Jones

Sandy Bolton, Ameriprise Financial Services


Most Downloaded Blogs:

A New Dawn for the Advisor Landscape

The Convergence of Wealth and Retirement

AI Awakens in Asset & Wealth Management

Nat’l Disabilities Month: Guide to Inclusion Resources


Most Popular Publications:

Pay Equity Guidance for Asset & Wealth Managers

Consumer Data Privacy Laws

Return to Office Update 2023

Our Signature Survey:

2023-24 DEI Perception Report

Latest in Sponsored Webinars:

Understanding Liquidity Risk Management Practices

Managing Intermediary Lifecycle Risk

Driving Investors to Financial Wellness

As a valued member, I’m sure you are well aware of the great value that Nicsa can offer all of your employees, but DID YOU KNOW...?

We’re actively engaging Next Gen leaders.

We recognized our third cohort of Rising Stars this year, and continue to celebrate rising talent with Emerging Leaders, and NOVA Awards programs. These awardees are among the best and brightest in our industry and I look forward to their contributions to Nicsa in the years ahead. These programs, in addition to our robust and active Next Gen Committee, are a great way for your firm to recognize and retain top talent.

We offer strategic DEI support.

We’re accelerating best practices in this area via the Diversity Project North America. We offer a host of DEI-related content specific to our industry, including guidance on pay equity, DEI metrics, mentorship & sponsorship, Business Resource Groups, and more. Be sure to attend the annual Fearless Leadership Symposium in NYC this June, which provides a platform for our members to incubate powerful ideas and champion for change in the years ahead.

We produce content for quick, on-the-go updates.

In addition to our events, webinars, and publications, Nicsa offers content that is easy to access right from your personal device. Listen to NicsaTalk Podcasts for personal conversations with the visionaries impacting our industry, and check out Nicsa Videos for quick bursts of Nicsa content including event line-ups and wrap-ups. In addition, we send out a weekly newsletter, Nicsa Connect, that highlights all of this Nicsa content and more.

We believe networking is more important than ever before.

(Especially!) in today’s hybrid work environment, networking can help you and your team stand out. There are several opportunities for key executives to foster strategic relationships – and for new employees to build networking skills – including the 2024 Strategic Leadership Forum. In addition, members will be able to give back to the communities we serve via philanthropic events like our US Hunger Event and Nicsa Gives Back Golf Tournament.


I hope you join me in Orlando this March to continue our celebration of Nicsa’s six decades of industry service. Thank you for your support. I look forward to watching this organization continue to evolve for the next 60 years and beyond.


With gratitude,


Jim Fitzpatrick

President & CEO